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L is for Lion - Annie Lanzillotto's New Memoir - a Bronx Butch Memoir

A 1960’s Bronx tomboy learns how to survive her brutal but humorous Italian family and all that life throws her. The harder you hit the pavement, the higher you fly.

Published by SUNY Press Excelsior Editions.

Schistsong - a book of poems about New York City by Annie Lanzillotto

An urban songline of New York, panegyric of the geology of Manhattan. These poems glitter. You will learn history and geology, Italian American heroes, and spiritual imperatives, through the syllables of this one poet’s soul.

Published by Bordighera Press.
Available on Amazon.

Photo: Carolina Kroon

Annie Lanzillotto - author of L is for Lion

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto is a New York poet and performance artist, author of the book of poetry, Schistsong (Bordighera Press 2013), and vocalist/songwriter of the albums Blue Pill, Carry My Coffee, and Eleven Recitations. Lanzillotto teaches solo performance to The Apprentice Company at The Actors Theatre of Louisville.